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 Product Description

This Course is available on an invite only basis. All attendees are verified by the course instructors prior to receiving an invite.

This Course will take place at the Brunswick County Law Enforcement Association Range, 1788 Old Lennon Rd. Bolivia, NC 28422.

There are no certificates or rewards in a fight for your life so why should there be here. This course is a collective think tank and is a series of preparedness courses that will allow you to grow as a shooter and protector. Invite only, these courses are low student to instructor ratio so we can focus on a wide range of tasks ranging from firearms fundamentals to structure clearing and home defense concepts. Topics covered in 01 are concealed development of your handgun, carbine deployment in a home defense situation and an intro to structure clearing, among others. In the end, the only reward you receive is your life when you are faced with a traumatic incident and survive. We look forward to seeing each of you at VIGILANT 01. Welcome to the collective.


If you are interested in attending the first course in the four part series, email us at: greergrouptraining@gmail.com 

We will facilitate courses as needed. 


 Packing List:

  • Range attire-(rain gear/clothes that can get messed up.This is a two day course, pack according)
  • PPE- Eye Pro/Ear Pro, Sun block etc.(clear eye pro necessary)
  • Serviceable Handgun
  • Minimum 3 serviceable handgun magazines
  • Holster-OWB or IWB
  • Handgun Mag carrier
  • 350 rounds handgun ammo
  • Hand held light- required
  • Weapon mounted light-optional
  • Serviceable Carbine & sling
  • Optic/ weapon mounting light for carbine-(highly recommended but optional)
  • AR mag carrier- belt mounted or back pocket
  • Minimum 3 serviceable carbine magazines
  • 350 rounds of carbine ammo
  • Camping gear if staying on site
  • Note taking material
  • Snacks/water


Start time:

    Day 1: 9am

    Day 2: 8am

End time:

    Day 1: 10:30pm

    Day 2: 3pm

*No AP rounds or Green tip ammunition*

*This is a two day Course*


*$25.00 Range fee required at the start of class*

*There are no refunds for the VIG-I-LANT series course*


 Product Reviews

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  1. professional, eye-opening, and extremely informative! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 16th 2020

    This was an amazing opportunity to come out and train with these guys. Extremely professional and knowledgeable instructors who have a great passion for this kind of stuff!
    I've been through a lot of formal CQB and and MOUT style training while in the military and I will tell you now that there is alot of other considerations when it's only you and 1 other person clearing house, or in the very worst, but very probable situation....by yourself. I will tell you now that this is a great investment in learning how to better prepare to protect yourself and your loved ones should the worst thing ever happen. What makes this training so valuable, it puts you in different types of scenarios that will actually make you think and decide. Even if you've had training similar to this, I would highly recommend taking this course as you NEVER want your training to dull. Even if you are new to this kind of training, I would STILL highly recommend taking this course, as these instructors are willing to work with ALL skill levels to get you right where you need to be! I will say it again, this is a great investment and what you get out of it for the price is mind blowing!

  2. For new information or just a refresher course 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 16th 2020

    I don't give praise easily, so this should mean something. This is a good course with well thought out instruction. A schedule was established and maintained while evaluating individual students. The instructors were knowledgeable and flexible to each students skill set.

    This is a course for first timers and for people who have spent years doing the same type of stuff. The class has enough meat to challenge even experienced shooter, while providing a newer shooter excellent skills without being lost. Rifle and pistol are involved here so a basic understanding is a must.

    The instructors are down to earth guys who use common words for everyday people. This course is very cost effective with good quality content. I highly recommend this course not only for your own personal enrichment but for loved ones to take it as well.

    Side notes:

    - There is a on site building that is one giant open room for staying.
    - Closed private male and female bathrooms.
    - Male bathroom has a shower.
    - Full kitchenette with stove, microwave, refrigerator
    - Good learning atmosphere
    - Current Law Enforcement Officers on hand teaching the course.

  3. Eyes Wide Open 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 3rd 2020

    The instructors taught the content with real world scenarios and dug deep into the mental aspect of defending a home and your loved ones. The course was full of information, so bring a notebook and keep it on you. I learned alot about my self personally and also the capabilities/limitations of my EDC kit. I have spent the last 17 years in the Marine Corps and our way of CQB involves a squad or a fireteam at the least. This training focused on the one and two man clearing and highlighted the specific tasks that one person needs to pay attention too, because you do not have the stack with you. I would recommend this to anyone who carries a firearm everyday and for anyone who has a firearm as their main home defender.

  4. awesome!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 2nd 2020

    This course taught me so much when it comes to weapon manipulation. The different real world scenarios really opened my eyes on the proper way to use a weapon. There is such a difference in going shooting and real training. This course is a must if you are wanting to improve you gun skills and knowledge. Enjoyed it very much!

  5. Simply Amazing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 1st 2020

    This was the first training course I had ever taken and I must say it was an incredible entry into the training world for me. No fantasy land here, everything we did was about real encounters. It will make you think and analyze under stress. I'll definitely be coming back for more.

  6. Absolutely Eye-Opening! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 29th 2020

    The VIG-I-LANT 1 course met and exceeded every expectation I had. This wasn’t a back-slapping gung-ho course that would make you feel like John Wick. This course was designed in every facet around real world scenarios. When I say real...I mean REAL. This course is designed to make you think, assess, react. Jake and Justin are consummate professionals and consistently monitored the course and adjusted to meet the skill set of the attendees. I would highly recommend this course and any course offered by Greer Group.

  7. Best defensive firearms course I have ever taken 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 21st 2020

    I have taken a mix of 25 defensive use and competition courses over the last 3 years and none of them left the impact that this course did. Myself and the rest of the class were all anxious to hear with the Vigilant 02 course was going to be scheduled.




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