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This is our fall schedule for the calendar year of 2018. All of our open enrollment courses are being hosted at the Brunswick County Law Enforcement Association Range, 1788 Old Lennon Rd. Bolivia, NC 28422, unless they are posted otherwise. There are two LEO/MIL exclusive courses on the calendar for the fall schedule located at the Pamlico Law Enforcement Association Range, 2280 Mill Pond Rd. Bayboro, NC .You can locate the MIL/GOV courses under that tab on the home page. We are currently working with the NCJA on two more vehicle course for the fall as well and will add those dates when they become available. All other courses are located under the Open Enrollment section and they are open to everyone.

You will notice we have added an additional course to our schedule. The Advanced CCW Course is a continuation of our CCW Development Course that picks up with dynamic movement on the flat range for the first half of the day. The second half of the day, students will be introduced to UTM Simunitions for scenario based training. We will introduce you to several different, real world scenarios where you can engage human beings with simunitions. This is our first course of this kind and our step into the force on force curriculum. We are already developing several force on force specific course to offer in early 2019.  

The Low Light Handgun course was requested by several law enforcement officers and armed citizens that wanted to get more training in low light environments. The course will force you to work problems, the weapon system and use your flashlights in low/no light scenarios. As citizens, law enforcement and service members target identification is key in making the correct decision and this is a major component of this course.

We also have the ability to host private courses for our customers. The minimum is ten students that we will host a private class for. Feel free to contact us and we can work around your schedule. If you want a modified course that offers handgun and carbine we can tailor a course specifically for your needs.




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