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Church Security Operations is something we have been doing for a while now but haven't advertised on our site. Since we've had multiple church organizations contact us recently just being referred by word of mouth, we feel it's time to formally introduce this program. We have four levels of training we offer in our Church Security Operations and we will identify each one of them.

Level 1: Level 1 consist of a on scene threat assessment prior to a security detail debrief on what we discovered with your church facility. We would come out to your church, photograph and conduct the threat assessment of the property. Then at a later time of your choice, we would return and conduct the debrief with your security detail. This is the question and answer time where we would provide our feedback on what you need to have to establish an effective security detail team.

Level 2: Level 2 consist of security detail tactics. We will take your team from the ground up with no operational experience to being able to tactically operate in a security detail environment. This is a full day of training, learning the security detail tactics which will help you establish SOP’s in regards how your team should operate.

Level 3: Level 3 consists of a range day oriented for security detail operations, which will show your teams capabilities and limitations. This is a full day of training. Your team will need to provide your service weapons, ammunition and location. However, we can provide a location with a range fee, paid to the private range.

Level 4: Level 4 consists of force on force training and is a full day of scenarios. This is where simunitions are incorporated to validate your teams’ tactics in multiple scenarios. (Simunitions is like paint ball but more realistic with less mess.)

These levels can be purchased individually, grouped together or the entire program. We truly want churches to complete the entire program but we understand due to time and funds that it not always possible. We do provide a little financial savings if purchasing the complete program which will only reinforce every aspect of you teams’ mission. These levels can also be completed in any timeframe your security detail decides. This will allow you to debrief what your security detail has learned, train on your own and when your ready we can come back and complete the next level of the program.




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