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Jacob Parker has been a sworn law enforcement officer in the State of North Carolina since the beginning of 2009 and has been an active member of S.W.A.T. for his agency since December 2009. Jacob is currently assigned to the Criminal Investigative Division along with being a member of their Gang Investigative Unit. He is certified as a Firearms and Rapid Deployment Instructor by the State of North Carolina and a S.W.A.T. Instructor for his department.  He also is a lead instructor at the local community college, teaching candidates attending Basic Law Enforcement Training in firearms, patrol techniques, and rapid deployment. As a member of the agencies S.W.A.T. team he serves as an assaulter on the entry element and is also certified as a sniper for the agency.

Jacob has had the opportunity to be trained by and train with some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. He continues his development as an instructor and student so he can provide the highest level of training to law enforcement, military, and armed citizens.






Justin Morris started his Law Enforcement career as a Deputy Sheriff where he was assigned to Patrol after the academy. Justin is now currently a police officer assigned to the Special Operations Division within the agency tasked with narcotics enforcement, gang investigation, and fugitive apprehension. Justin has worked in the Middle East as a Private Military Contractor with the DOD and US Department of State, providing mobile security as well as PSD’s for government and foreign officials. Justin also worked for the Department of Energy as a contractor providing force protection and mobile transport of sensitive materials.

 He has been a Law Enforcement Officer since 2009 and is currently an active SWAT team member assigned to the entry element. Justin has served as an assaulter as well as a sniper in which he has been involved in the successful resolution of critical incidents. Justin is also tasked with teaching patrol officers and SWAT team members at his agency as well as other state agencies.




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